1st Major Project – Wood Fence.

20170426_145614.jpgFrom the moment I moved into my home, I knew that I would need a fence; because walking the dogs would get old.  So, I went to Lowe’s since I have had good experiences with them.  After a few phone calls, I was linked with Project Specialist Mark Sainato.  I swear that he is the homeowner’s equivalent of a Social Worker; because he coordinated my project from beginning to end.  In fact, when I realized that I needed to fix a retaining wall before moving forward with the fence, Mark hooked me up with a Mason.

When my fence was finally installed, Mark Sainato contracted Jeremy Barth of Maryland Fence, Deck, & Patio to put it up.  I have never been so thrilled.  I mean, look at the picture of my new fence!  Mark Sainato has singlehandedly made me a Lowe’s customer for life!

In front of Schier’s Furniture Market, a mannequin rallies behind the high school sports team.

waynesboro-area-high-school-indiansSadly, Schier’s is no more.  The owner retired.  It will be replaced with an antique mall.  Hopefully the new owners will continue to make great use of that mannequin.