Cell Phone Addiction

Cell Phone AddictionYesterday, I left my phone at work.

I didn’t feel like driving back to get it.

My phone has been my alarm clock for about a decade; and I wasn’t sure if I would wake up, without my phone, for work.

So, I got Alexa to wake me up for work.

But, when I woke up at 4a to use the bathroom, I felt lost without my phone. Heck, I had to ask Alexa what time it was, because my phone is my clock in my bedroom. And, I am so accustomed to checking Facebook, my email, dating sites, my blog, zillow, the weather, and snapchat whenever I wake up.

Plus, I couldn’t take a picture. I am always taking pictures, because I never know when I will be taking an award-winning shot (I can dream, right?).

It bothered me that I felt so lost without my phone.