Brio Coffee House

Brio Coffeehouse
2 East Main St, Waynesboro, Pennsylvania 17268

7/29/17 – Brio Coffeehouse finally opened, and it is just 5 blocks from my home!

The line was long, but friendly.  They had a guitarist playing folk songs like, “Brown-Eyed Girl.” Listening to him sing made the crowd seem less intimidating; as I am kind of shy.  And all around, people were running into folks they hadn’t seen in a while.  The best part is that my Mocha tasted so good while walking home in the drizzling rain.

It is such a nice addition to downtown!

1st Major Project – Wood Fence.

20170426_145614.jpgFrom the moment I moved into my home, I knew that I would need a fence; because walking the dogs would get old.  So, I went to Lowe’s since I have had good experiences with them.  After a few phone calls, I was linked with Project Specialist Mark Sainato.  I swear that he is the homeowner’s equivalent of a Social Worker; because he coordinated my project from beginning to end.  In fact, when I realized that I needed to fix a retaining wall before moving forward with the fence, Mark hooked me up with a Mason.

When my fence was finally installed, Mark Sainato contracted Jeremy Barth of Maryland Fence, Deck, & Patio to put it up.  I have never been so thrilled.  I mean, look at the picture of my new fence!  Mark Sainato has singlehandedly made me a Lowe’s customer for life!

I Closed Today

This picture captures 4 of the great features in my finisher home: central air, gas powered radiators, hardwood floors, and new windows. Of course, the “SOLD” sign is my favorite thing in this photo!

Many thanks to Joan Sidoli (buyer agent), Joe Luisi (loan officer), Jennifer Jones (insurance agent), Matthew Stewart (attorney), George Forney (home inspector), Brooke Neider (loan processor), and Arlene Unger (seller agent).  They helped me buy my finisher home!

Lowe’s in Waynesboro, PA

frigid-february-leaves-nothing-but-my-snowprintsMy refrigerator died.  I bought a new one, online, from the Lowe’s in Waynesboro, PA.  On the delivery day, we had the biggest snowfall of this season (so far).  Schools and services were closed throughout Franklin County.  I expected Lowe’s to cancel their delivery because of the weather.  I was bummed by the thought of rescheduling.  Being without a refrigerator for 4 weeks is extremely inconvenient;  especially with the long hours that I work.  Well, imagine my surprise when I was awakened by the sound of a delivery truck.  They got my fridge set up, and actually took the time to pet my dog.