In front of Schier’s Furniture Market, a mannequin rallies behind the high school sports team.

waynesboro-area-high-school-indiansSadly, Schier’s is no more.  The owner retired.  It will be replaced with an antique mall.  Hopefully the new owners will continue to make great use of that mannequin.

Lowe’s in Waynesboro, PA

frigid-february-leaves-nothing-but-my-snowprintsMy refrigerator died.  I bought a new one, online, from the Lowe’s in Waynesboro, PA.  On the delivery day, we had the biggest snowfall of this season (so far).  Schools and services were closed throughout Franklin County.  I expected Lowe’s to cancel their delivery because of the weather.  I was bummed by the thought of rescheduling.  Being without a refrigerator for 4 weeks is extremely inconvenient;  especially with the long hours that I work.  Well, imagine my surprise when I was awakened by the sound of a delivery truck.  They got my fridge set up, and actually took the time to pet my dog.

This isn’t NYC or the White House. It’s my smalltown’s Christmas tree.

This is a picture I took with my Samsung S7.  It captures amazing photos; even on foggy nights like this.  There were lights from the christmas tree, store fronts, street lights, traffic signs, and cars.  So, I turned off the flash.  I set my Samsung camera to automatic. Then I snapped the shot.  That’s all I did!