About Atari_Man

About the Author:

mark-whitecotton-waynesboro-pennsylvaniaThis author has lived in humongous cities like Los Angeles.  He has lived in big cities like Austin, Baltimore, and Seattle.  He has lived in small cities like Davenport, El Paso, and Syracuse.  He has lived in suburbs like Bel Air.  He has lived in tiny towns like Fort Davis.  Nowadays, he lives in a large town.

The author has gone to college and grad school, but he lives a simple life.  He has been a caretaker for his entire adult life, but that all changed in 2016.  And so begins a new life chapter.

As far as his blogging experience goes, he’s been a blog author since 2004.  Since then, he has gone on hiatus a few times.  Whenever the writing urge returns, he creates a new site.  Atari_Man is his latest effort.  He believes readers will like it!

About This Blog:

waynesboro-pennsylvaniaThis site is about a man who survived puberty during the 80’s…..but he refers to that decade as the “Atari Age.”  Readers will find lots of photography, and stories about his dogs, and his love for gardening.  There will also be short stories that discuss the highs & lows of his life (which will soon span 50 years).  Those true stories are his life lessons that he wants to share with the world.  But, some parts might be filled with fiction; because his life isn’t awesome enough to merit a genuine biography.  Besides all of that, he will also talk about his adventures from the surrounding areas of Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia.  People should also expect stories about his town (Waynesboro, Pennsylvania); especially “shout outs” to local businesses/people.  At any rate, there will be random postings, as well; depending on his mood.  Lastly, feel free to contact him on Facebook.  Readers can friend request him if living within a 100 miles of his town!  And by the way, he’s gay…..which means there will be stories about his gay life in Franklin County, PA.